Career Opportunities

We are excited about the many possibilities offered by neutral atom quantum computers and firmly believe that they can scale to thousands of qubits much faster than other quantum technologies. If you share our enthusiasm and would like to work on cutting-edge quantum computers in a world-class academic environment please do not hesitate to contact us and attach the usual application materials.

What would you work on?

On a high level, a neutral-atom quantum computer can be split into five separate modules or packages. We want to build a team with clear responsibilities for the team members for each of the following:

Of course, all of these modules are highly interdependent and the full system will only be successful with a joint effort by all team members.

PhD student (experimental)

We have multiple openings for PhD Students. We are looking for outstanding experimental physics PhD candidates, preferrably with experience in atomic physics, laser optics, and electronics.

We are offering an opportunity to work in a highly-skilled international team of experts. Please check out the job description for postdoctoral applicants below to get a sense of what you can learn in this environment. You will collaborate with teams in quantum information theory, optimal control, computer science, and theoretical atomic physics.

If you are interested, please reach out to Sebastian or Johannes.

AMO Physicist (experimental)

We have multiple openings for postdoc-level experimental physicists with an atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics, precision measurement, or experimental quantum information background. If you are interested, please reach out to Sebastian or Johannes.


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