MQV atoms

We are building a quantum computer
with ultracold strontium atoms
in optical lattices.
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MQV Atoms

In MQV Atoms, we are building a lab-scale quantum computer based on ultracold strontium atoms trapped in optical lattices. Our team is responsible for one of three technology pillars of the Munich Quantum Valley (MQV). The Bavarian state funds MQV to build quantum computer demonstrators for research and industry over the next five years.

Our Technology

Neutral atoms coupled to Rydberg states are a promising quantum computing platform that can scale to high numbers of qubits in the near term. Our tight integration with the Munich Quantum Valley initiative allows us to push quantum computing with neutral atoms in all aspects, including the development of new technology, presently not found in any other lab. MQV Atoms has very concrete technology goals: we will realize a first-generation quantum computer with 20 strontium qubits and 99% single- and two-qubit gate fidelities and then use the neutral-atom scaling advantage to strongly improve on these key performance indicators by the end of the project.

Full-stack Quantum Computing

We believe that creating a useful neutral-atom quantum computer requires a team beyond the scale of a single lab. For this reason, we actively collaborate with research groups covering the full quantum computing stack from fundamental quantum information science, high-end custom laser, optics, and electronics hardware, optimal control, compilers, integration with quantum computing toolkits and high-performance-computing environments, all the way to first applications of quantum computing in industry.